Sunday, 4 April 2010

cross stitch ufo

Just for gail here is my cross stitch ufo. My mum bought it for me several years ago and i stitched the front for the notebook and the centre panel on the picture but all that purple sent me loopy ok loopier so i haven't touched it since.
Now do i finish it or do i not. since i came across it again i feel guilty for abandoning it .


  1. Definately finish it. It's beautiful, it will be worth the effort, x

  2. I think you should finish it. It's gorgeous. I wish I could x-stitch as I think they make lovely family heirlooms, but sadly I've no patience! x

  3. I vote finish it too, it is a shame to waste the lovely work you have already done xx

  4. That is lovely, I reckon you should finish it too.. cross stitch can be very time consuming but the sense of achievement is huge at the end... :) Christine x

  5. That is beautiful, another vote for finish it!!! You will be so pleased with it when it's done x


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