Tuesday, 20 April 2010

horrid purple ufo

Well here is an update on the purple ufo.This is where i was up to on monday . It's getting there but i can't wait to finish it i hate it. My hubby said if you stitch for pleasure why stitch something you hate . Couldn't answer that one. It was a gift from my mother a few years ago and i was quite shocked to actually recieve anything so thought i'd stitch it.


  1. Well it's really coming along, keep up the good work xxx

  2. I just know how you feel, I've got at least two if not three just like this, just can't bring myself to stitch them.

  3. Trisha, this is just beautiful, I have only done about 5 cross stitch projects in my life, sad to say my eyes could never take that abuse anymore screen is bad enough!!
    Hope you will come and join our challenge blog sometime if you haven't already...

    stitchy xoxox
    the stitchy name comes from 25 years of crocheting lol...


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