Monday, 13 December 2010

Fancy dress party

Kaitlyn carly and kobie went to a fancy dress party yesterday so we took pics of them and princess k looked decidedly unhappy and when we asked why she said carly kept trying to sit on her head shouting i should sit here. pmsl . poor k.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Sammi from janettes design team suggested a card drive . It's a fab idea and we will be absolutely delighted. Janette from stamping with the dragon/ Dragons den designed us a fab snail and then a super xmas one they are so cute. The digis can either be bought from me for 1.50 each or from here . Janette also has a fab slide show on her blog here which has some beautiful things that have been created with the images.

Thank you to anyone who has already bought it.

 All proceeds from the sale of these adorable stamps, purchased from either site, will go to The Ear Trust, to help enable people with profound hearing loss, to begin to hear.

We are asking all of you wonderful people out there to please help brighten up a day in the lives of these special people, by sending cards.

We'd love it if you'd purchase the special stamps, to create your cards, since proceeds go to the charity. Those of you who purchase the Ear Trust Digi stamp and create a card with it, to send to the Ear Trust, will receive this special image, Jiggy's Presents, created by janette free, as our way of saying Thank You.
When sending your cards, please include a blank envelope for each card, and send all your cards in one package.

Please mail your cards to:

Teresa Birchall

94, Canal Street

Barnsley, South Yorks,

S71 1lr



A Huge thanks, in advance, to each and every one of you that take the time to send cards!! We really appreciate it!

Here's what i was doing instead of making cards.

Carly announced on friday that her dolly mary was cold cos she needs a coat so her mum looked at dolls clothes and nearly choked at the prices. So i looked in the craft room and found my long packed away knitting needles. I bought some wool on saturday and started knitting saturday night here's what i've got so far . 1 pram suit with bobble hat , 1 pair of knickers and matching vest , 1 dress with matching shoes/socks and headband , 1 coat with matching bonnet , all waiting for ribbons and buttons on their way from ebay also nearly finished an old fashioned full length nightie and mop don't know what carly will think.

Todays makes

Kaitlyn was off school again today due to the snow and she wanted to make something. We had a hunt around the craft room and found a wooden wreath with butterflies and flowers that we got in hobbycraft ages ago. So we coloured it in with promarkers then glued parts of it and glittered it.