Thursday, 6 January 2011

both sides of the coin

Yesterday was the 1st anniversary of carly's cochlear implant operation the 16th feb is the anniversary of her switch on so we had a little party for her . Kaitlyn told her teacher she was going to a happy new ear party and the teacher couldn't stop laughing . It's amazing what a huge difference such small pieces of technology have made to carly's life and we can't thank her surgeon enough for all he's done her scars aren't even visable. So we had a really happy day.
  Today we are on the flip side of the coin my youngest brother should have been 46 today but unfortunately 6 and a half years ago he was found dead. So today is a little more sober than yesterday . so Mel wherever you are RIP little bro . Love and miss you more than you'd ever know.


  1. awwww I so love the happy new ear party so very cute.
    Hugs for today

  2. Lovely post Trisha. Kaitlyns comment made me laugh. Its good to to hear that Carly is doing well. Technology is amazing these days. Sorry to hear about you losing your brother when you did. Am sure he will be somewhere thinking of you too. x

  3. What a cutie Kaitlyn is! Sending Hugs your way on a sad anniversary day. x

  4. Wow I can't believe that it's been a year already! Sending you huge hugs too for a sad day. Jaqui x

  5. Happy new ear Carly.
    and Trisha as someone who lost a sister far too soon I understand x


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