Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Here are a few more i did at my card class on Thursdays with the lovely Lindyloo  .
The first one is a dartboard great for those men's cards . Lots of cutting out but worth it.
The second one is a lovely dress my first attempt at Iris folding and couldn't believe how easy it was.
The third is a fab shoe in a box with a hidey hole underneath perfect for a choccy bar.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Just wondered if any of my blog followers would kindly help out by liking this remarkable young lady's facebook page. Some of you know alicia's story from when you all so generously helped to fund her treatment in the us.  Alicia was diagnosed with neuroblastoma before she was one year old and now has a page where she makes bracelets and cards and sells them to raise money to help buy things for the hospital where she recieves treatment. She is a very brave and lovely young lady and would like lots of new llikers so please if you would like her page you will have my unending gratitude. I am biased she is my grandsons sister. Thank you.
went to class this week and made these gave the grandkids a giggle .

Kaitlyn thinks they are brill and tells me i'll soon have a bum like that. Good imagination that girl lol.

Here are the cards i did for my darling grandson Thomas's birthday.

The top one is olivers orchard which turned out lovely. The bottom one is jolly Nation Knight as he went to see suits of armour last week.